3D Models for Arts & Technology concept

For MAT200A, Arts & Technology we are making websites for our final projects. The projects are based on the intersection of arts and technology and we are paired with a partner to collectively develop and present a concept.

Our concept is ‘Vivari: Representative Avatar for Online Shopping & Gaming’. We propose placing ‘measurement sites’ in retailers that measure a user’s body shape and creates a virtual avatar in their image. In addition to simply representing them online it can be used to shop for clothing.

By measuring the user’s body the goal is to create a model that can ‘try on’ clothing and have a realistic depiction of how those clothes fit. This will make online shopping a more enjoyable and accurate process.

In addition to online shopping, we propose creating ‘Virtual Shopping Kiosks’ that allow the user to shop for clothes from any number of participating retailers and have their choices be projected on their avatar in front of them. It can be located in a mall or other public space and allows for shopping at stores that may not have a physical location nearby.

In preparation for our website I have been creating 3D models of the various assets involved, starting with the measurement and shopping kiosks. I used Google Sketchup which is a very simple program for basic 3D modeling.

Avatar Creation Station

Virtual Shopping Kiosk

posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 by Pehr in MAT Projects