‘Finished’ Processing Visualizations

Today we had our final presentations for the Multimedia Sensors class. The final sensor setup I used was my 4 sliding potentiometers and 8 push buttons (4 on/off and 4 momentary). The buttons are from old Nintendo game consoles and were really cheap at the electronics thrift store.

I statically mapped each sensor to a set of actions / parameters to control but I intend to make a run-time assignment system so I can change what each sensor does on the fly.

I plan to work on this in future quarters to add many new features including audio-reaction and webcam integration.

The current program is about 1,600 lines of Java code between the main animation program (1,200) and the separate Sensor-reading thread (400).

Below are some pictures from the final animation as well as more construction pictures. An online-applet version will be forthcoming.

posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 by Pehr in MAT Projects