Laser at DANCEiSM

The organizers of DANCEiSM invited me to bring the interactive laser project to their show on Friday September 4th. It was held at Lot 613, a warehouse / event complex in downtown Los Angeles.

They requested that I enclose the laser in an ‘abstract geometric shape’ to fit with their aesthetic direction. This was also a good way to ensure the laser and computer were protected from the crowd.
I chose to build a pyramid / obelisk that would get the camera and laser high enough off the ground but still be stable and not liable to fall over. The obelisk was made mostly of wood but the top is made of aluminum flashing and rivets.

I also added Infrared (IR) LEDs which allows the camera to ‘see in the dark’. This way I do not need to rely on bright lighting for the camera to get a good picture. I also had to get a special camera lens that does not have an IR-blocking coating for maximum IR sensitivity. IR light is not visible to human eyes but shows up purple on digital cameras.

The event went well and over 900 attendees had fun dancing at two DJ stages and playing with the interactive laser and body paint.

See below for pictures of the build process and the event!

posted on Friday, September 11th, 2009 by Pehr in MAT Projects