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This visualization shows how library transactions are distributed over the the main Dewey Decimal categories (000 through 900).

Each column is one day of the week. The height of each column is proportional to the number of transactions on that day.
Lines connect each category per day so the weekly trend is visible. Federal holidays (library closings) are highlighted in blue to demonstrate
why certain days have unusually low transaction counts.

A column can be clicked to expand it and show the distribution of 100 Dewey sub categories: 100,110, 120, etc.

Mouse Controls:

Click and drag the mouse to rotate the camera. Click on a column to expand and focus on that day and show thr 100 Dewey subcategories.

Click on the background to reset all columns. Click on "Next Month" or "Previous Month" near the month name to change months.

Keyboard Controls:

-, = Zoom in and out

a, d Move Left and Right

w,s Move up and down

[, ] Change months

x Toggle display of day columns

c Toggle display of connecting lines


Source code:

Built with Processing