Animation Videos

Animation Test: Scope from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

Animation Test: Composite from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

Animation Test: Circles from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

Animation Test: Random from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.
My firsts tests at rendering each frame of the animation to a full-resolution PNG file and assembling them into a video. While the animation runs at 30-60 frames per second on my new computer, saving each frame to disk drops the framerate down to less than 10. It is thus harder to get a concept for how long the finished animation will be which is an issue since making these is a live performance and not a static rendering of pre-conceived content. I have added debugging printouts for each second (30 frames) of animation to help in timing.

I am currently using Sony Vegas 7 to do the assembling and rendering and am experimenting with compression settings to get a video that is not too large but not too affected by compression artifacts.

Many of the Codecs are optimized for real-world video that has many shades of color in it. Because my animations are mostly solid colors these Codecs tend to add extra noise and artifacts that take away from the final product.

More videos to come…

posted on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 by Pehr in MAT Projects