Pehr L. Hovey
pehr @

Los Angeles, CA
(213) 373 1078

I am a programmer, engineer and designer interested in combining technology and art to create new user experiences. I am particularly interested in the novel application of existing technologies to further the fields of interactive advertising and installations.

I recently graduated from the Media Arts & Technology program at the University of California Santa Barbara with an M.S. in Multimedia Engineering. My Masters project looked at Twitter and involved catching and visualizing deleted Tweets to let viewers muse on the reasons why people try to take back things they have posted for the world to see.

Lately I have been designing and building interactive systems for installations at MindshareLA and other tech events. I also work with Syyn Labs on various tech+art projects ranging from music videos and commercials to interactive installations.

Information on recent projects is available on my portfolio page as well as my play-by-play projects blog.

Technical Skills

Ruby, PHP, CSS, Adobe Flex, Javascript / AJAX
MySQL, C,C++,Java, Embedded systems & sensors


University of California Santa Barbara
M.S. Multimedia Engineering, May 2010

Washington University in Saint Louis
B.S. Computer Engineering & B.S. Computer Science, May 2008

Recent Work

Jukebox Television
Lead software engineer, 2010  - present
Working with a startup to build a proof-of-concept prototype of their web application in Ruby on Rails to help them secure angel funding. Primarily database design and initial user interface development.

University of California Santa Barbara Transliteracies Project
Web application designer, 2009-present

Principal database and user interface designer for a literary social network built on Ruby and Rails.