Razzle HD Videos

Most video compression algorithms are designed for live-action video which contains shades of color that can be easily compressed. My animations tend to change very rapidly and employ many very different colors which means that compression has a hard time working without drastically reducing the image quality. To combat this I have signed up for Vimeo Pro so I can upload unlimited High Definition videos.

I typically export videos using the QuickTime Animation setting which results in great source footage but Vimeo has issues with this format so I am experimenting on what offers the best size-to-quality ratio and passes Vimeo’s compression stage unhindered. The videos below were compressed using Motion JPEG B mode. The source footage for the top two clips was decent quality and about 185MB each for ~30s. The end result is still not the sharpest so I am going to experiment with the H.264 Codec which is what Vimeo recommends.

Since everything is generated live in my program I can pick whatever resolution i want when I run and export videos. The test videos below were exported at 1280X720.

Razzle HD Test 3 from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

Razzle HD Test2 from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

Razzle HD Test from Pehr Hovey on Vimeo.

posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 by Pehr in MAT Projects