3D Data Visualization: Dewey Calendar

The final project for MAT259: Algorithmic Data Visualization involved visualizing data in 3D.

Since we are using Library data I chose to investigate the Dewey Decimal category information. The Dewey Decimal system places every item in one of 10 broad categories that each have many subcategories.

I wanted to investigate how the distribution of Dewey Categories varies over time so I plotted each day as a column with height proportional to the number of transactions. Each column is made of color-coded solids whose heights are determined by what percentage of daily  transactions each category represents.

Each category is connected with a line to emphasize how the trend varies over time. The solids and lines can be independently toggled to vary the displayed information.

Clicking a column will display similar distribution data for the 10 subcategories within each main category — 100, 110, 120, etc. Here the width of the solid is proportional to its relative percentage within its category.

The applet displays data for the entire year of 2008. The month can be changed using the ‘[' and ']‘ keys or by clicking “Next Month” or “Previous Month” on the calendar near the month name.

The visualization can be rotated by clicking and dragging the mouse. Additional camera controls are explained on the applet page.

posted on Friday, March 20th, 2009 by Pehr in MAT Projects