Safecracker at Mindshare LA December09

ms_dec092My safecracking game ‘Scrooge’  from LACMA Halloween made an appearance at the December 2009 Mindshare event. It was installed on the rooftop of the Downtown Independent theater in Los Angeles with a great view of the skyline.

Since LACMA I re-engineered the door-release mechanism to be more powerful and reliable and it has worked like a charm since.The prize inside was a bowl of candycanes and mini Kit Kats and people enjoyed trying to crack it.


The scoreboard on top showing the progress of each player) was particularly effective at increasing the tension as players realized their opponent was closing in.


For future events I plan to add a button on the inside that gives the victor the option to release their opponent’s door to share the spoils. Who will be generous and who will keep the candy for themselves?


More pics from the event are here and on my flickr page:

posted on Sunday, December 20th, 2009 by Pehr in MAT Projects